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Straightener feeders are the most suitable solutions for progressive tool applications. Smooth and precise sheet flow is being provided between progressive operations.


Servo Feeders with Belt/Gearbox can be selected for thinner materials without straightening requirement.


ZigZag Servo Feeders can be used to reach minimum scrap amount for disc cutting operations.

Straightener Feeder General Specifications

- Coil Thickness Capacity Between 0,4mm ~ 12mm

- Coil Width Capacity Between 20mm ~ 2000mm

- Hydraulic Piloting System

- Precise Sheet Positioning Inside Die with Hand Wheel

- ±0,1mm Coil Feeding Accuracy with External Encoder Control

- Top Rolls Group 150mm Lifting System

Crocodile Opening

Straightener feeder group opened from the inlet side with
approximate 20 degree angle. This helps to introduce
the sheet easily to the straightener group. This feature decrease time loss during setup. Opening of the
group driven by hydraulic cylinders.

Straightener Adjustment

Top rolls of the straightener group are adjustable individually.
This control helps to make flattnes setting more accurately.

Motorized Height Adjustment

Height adjustment of straightener feeder group driven by a motorized system from control panel.