Compact Servo Feeders


Compact Servo Feeders


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Coil Loading Car


Coil left on the coil loading car by forklift or crane is fast and safety loaded to the drum with the hand controller. Loading Car performs its mevement on the Z axis with  a hydrulic cylinder and its movement on the Y axis with an AC Motor drive. There are guide arms on the loading car to prevent coil falling during the movement of the car.

Crocodile Opening System


Strightener feeder group opened from the inlet side with approximate 20 degree angle. By the way it helps to introduce the sheet easily to the straightener group. This feature decrease the loss of time during the new coil loading. Opening of the group driven by hydraulic cylinders .

 Lineer Ruler Height Adjustment


Height adjustment of straightener feeder group automatically driven by a motorized system. When die height entered to the operator panel, machine rise or descend automatically according to entered value. Position control done by lineer ruler on the body.

Servo Motorized Coil Lateral Side Guides


Loading the sheet coils on the drum with centering, operated by servo motorized lateral side guides. When the operator inputs the sheet width on the operator panel these side guides expand laterally from the center of the drum until the entered sheet width.By the way it prevenets the off center aligning of coil. Coil loading duration becomes very fast and safer. Lateral side guides has been used as 1 set because decoiler works braked mode in loop type lines.

Die Recognizing System


The guides at the inlet and outlet side of the straightener and feeder group adjusted by servo motors. When the operator inputs the sheet width to the panel, these guides moves laterally from the center and goes to reference point. By the way sheet driven to the die from the center of the line. This setting is very fast and accurate with the help of servo motors.

Support Rolled Straightener and Feeder Group


Rollers on straightener and feeder groups are supported from bottom and top with support rolls. By the way, rolls bending decrease to minimum level. Decreasing of the rolls bending provides high straightening quality.

External Encoder Control


With the external encoder, feeded sheet length controled another time. Feeding rolls measurement and encoder wheel measurement controlled instantly during the feeding operation. Possible slipping of the sheet durning the feeding operation tolerated instantly.


Hydraulic Guillotine


Hydraulic guillotine placed exit of feeder group provide cutting sheet metal between feeder and die. Time loses and working accident risks are annihilated with this specification. Cutting shear cuts sheet metal between feeder and die in case of operation stop for any reason. Burr can sho up after this cutting operation.

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