Ürünler - Kompakt Sistemler

Compact systems

Standard Features


▪Hydraulic Drum Expansion

▪Coil Loading Car

▪Chain Drive and Motor with Magnetic Brake

▪Pneumatic Disk Brake

▪Helical Bevel Geared, Low Backlash Decoiler Gearbox

▪Hydraulic Hold Down / Up Arms

▪Motorized Driven Hold Down / Up Arms

▪Photoelectric Proximity Sensor

▪Hydraulic System Bending Arm

▪Hydraulic System Die Piloting

▪From Inlet Side ~200mm Crocodile Openable Straightener Rolls Group

▪21NiCrMo5 Quality Gears Applied for Gas Hardening Process. Grinding Operation Applied to Gear Profiles and Centers

▪Hand-wheel to Adjust Accurate Position of Sheet Inside Die

▪Helical Bevel Geared, Keyless, Shrink Disk, Precision Feeder Gearbox

▪7” 65536 Color, TFT LCD Touch Panel

▪Motorized Feeder Height Adjustment


Optional Features


▪Servo Motor Controlled Lateral Drum Guides

▪Safety Fence System

▪Guillotine Shear

▪Remote Support System

▪External Encoder

▪Die Recognizing System


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